All three of us coming from various backgrounds: Rani and Simon joined a haute couture education, each working for their own brands now. Rani is also a talented illustrator and ceramist. She has also great skills in japanese cooking. Simon, the crossover designer in furniture, costumes and jewellery. He loves to photograph too. Michael, originally a teacher, bar owner, musician and producer of the arts. He works in a cultural center in Berne since 2004. Together we share our common passion and fascination for Japanese culture, tradition and lifestyle. During one of our trips in March 2017, while residing in a small studio apartment in Tokyo’s district Shinjuku, the idea of STUDIO SAISEI was born.  

The kimono being among the best-known trademarks of Japanese culture. We have always had a great admiration for the delicacy of textures, patterns and colors of the fabrics they are made of. However, wearing a kimono is much more than a way to dress elegantly, it is a state of mind. “Grace and serenity accompany its presence and the beauty it evokes in our minds leaves a lasting image of the essence of Japan, while imprinting its distinct silhouette on our memories.”*


Traveling the whole country several times, visiting various places, we learned about a myriad of kimonos that are no longer in use and thus threatened by an eternal existence covered in dust. STUDIO SAISEI’s (saisei meaning rebirth, 再生) attempt is to give them another “life” by re-shaping and refreshing their appearance with a simple prêt-à-porter design that is both contemporary and timeless.

*Textile Art of Japan, Sunny Yang /Rochelle M.Narasin

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